BeamMP and UI apps issue

Good day! :sleeping:

After a certain amount of time, the “Messages” UI app (in the top left corner) stops notifying specific messages, such as what drive mode I am in and whether I have deflated a tyre, and etc. Deleting and adding it back again doesn’t help, although resetting the whole UI preset does, but only as a temporary solution. This only happens in BeamMP. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Another problem I have is with BeamMP UI apps themselves, like “Multiplayer Session” and “Playerlist”, since you can’t completely remove them (an issue I have posted about before), once you check “Hide in cockpit”, they suddenly pop up once a player joins, leaves or queues an event. It ruins the whole point of immersion I am trying to have. :sob:

Many thanks and be well! <3

Hello, Linda420.

I don’t know about the 1st problem, I haven’t experienced that yet. But could you share which Windows version and hardware do you have? Maybe its something about Windows 11, since I run the game properly on Windows 10.

About the 2nd problem, set a specific button to change to the cockpit. Sometimes the server updates and these hidden UI apps suddenly pop up. I think even in Vanilla game (without BeamMP) this happens. So, the purpose of the button is to quickly hide again the UI apps just pressing that button. I has helped a lot.

Cheers. See ya!

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