BeamMP broken

so I updated to BeamNG 0.26 and afterward the entire game broke. Im not sure if this is due to BeamNG or BeamMP


same here. when i connect to any server, everyone is standing still, and all i can do is spawn a car, but i can’t even drive it. it just dead. anyone can help ?

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same here, hope they fix it soon

when the mod is turned off and the game is restarted, everything falls into place, and if the mod is turned on, the game gives various errors, since the mod is not made for the game version 0.26

The mp mod is as of rn not compatible with the latest game version. Be patient, the announcement channel in the dc should tell ya all when its ready to play again

its not working for me either and I deleted the mod and the game and reinstalled them both it did not work and I did try the safe mode idea it did not work

i can get into the game but the UI is not working I think and in all servers no one is moving

got boned by this. all configs gone and game unplayable with beammp installed. rip all my cars.

To fix all your issues you can just deactivate BeamMP, restart your computer and then you are good to go. Unfortunately then you cannot use BeamMP

Hi, I found that it was the BeamMP mod causing the games issues, I couldn’t spawn any tracks etc. Once i finally tracked down the cause, tracks and car mods and the game are all working fine. Just BeamMP not working, which is a shame, as I do play BeamNG with others, so a swift fix would be great!


I got the same issues, broken UI, no keybindings/steering wheel inputs react, everyone standing still. The vehicle page is just a list with ant-sized pictures. The ‘vehicle version page’ afterwards is empty so you can only spawn the base models through the ‘spawn new’ button. I hope they fix it soon!


for me it wont even connect to a server, it’ll pull up something like “Socket Closed Code 1” or something like that

I’m getting Socket Closed Code 1 also I reinstalled the game and beammp still not working

same, so much work gone

very sad cant do ■■■■ now i cant even log in on beammp in the game

*i cant even start BeamMP anymore

I dont see the servers. its completetly empty

for me i can see the servers, but i cannot join any of them. this sucks

U gotta delete beammp first and Then install it

my beamMP server wont let any one join