Beammp client for windows

Everytime I enter my username or email and password to log in I get a message saying “Log in failed. Please check your username/email & password. (i have created and activated my account for beamng and beammp client.

(imI just got this game today, I’m new)

please kindly suggest solution for this issue so that im able to log in for me to be able to play this game online with other people. Thanks in advance.

“for beamng and beammp client”. Sounds like you used your beamng account? if so, you need to use your beammp account, the one you use on this forum

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yes i used the same log in as this forum but its not working for some reason. not sure why. even now when i tried to log in to this forum to reply it wouldnt let me log in so i had to request skip password and request log in.

quick update. i have managed to log in and join multiplayer lobby, however everytime i join multiplayer my game crashes instantly!

please kindly suggest solution for this. thanks in advance.