Beammp crashing lagging after 5 mins of gameplay

Every time im trying to play beammp on any server i first spawn underwater / undermap and i need to spawn car and then tp out (it isnt issue for me) but biggest issue is that after respawning my car or tuning it my fps will drop from 120 to 30/20 (or instead of dropping it will just crash) I tried checking files integrity on beamng drive and reinstalling beammp and nothing works (game works normally on singleplayer only while playing multiplayer this happens) (sorry for my 100% C2 english) (also forgot to add that every time i restart the game i need to logout and login again cuz it says that im not connected to the launcher)

Just reinstall the game. Or if it doesn’t work, you can message one of the BeamMP devs and they should get your problem solved😎

you need to have all multiplayer ui apps on the screen, especially the “multiplayer session”, or you will get a memory leak. speaking of memory leaks, what is your memory usage?

It kind of depends whether your PC is slow and cannot handle the amount of players in a server or your graphics settings in my opinion,i’m also on a slow laptop so I mostly have beamng on low graphics also you need to see if a server is has a lot alot of people and it’s effect on lag.Spawning underwater is somthing I don’t know much about but it but I have encoutered it aswell