BeamMP damage diffrence


So me and my brother have been playing on my own Monster Jam truck server.
This is working great, but most of the time his car is completely fine on his screen and completely destroyed without wheels on my screen. Is there any way to fix this or sync so its the same for both or turn damage off completely?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, this can happen and is considered normal, it’s what we refer to as “desynch.” Sometimes damage isn’t translated properly between instances of the game, the best thing to do is pause and hit “insert” to repair the vehicles. As far as I know this is just because of BeamNG’s base engine and how it handles damage, I’m not sure if there is a “fix” per say, but I can check with the rest of the support team. I personally record with a large recording team and we have differences between our game damage all the time.


Thank you for your response. I hoped there was a fix for this because it looks weird. But anyways we will have to deal with it haha.

Thank you for your time!

It’s because the server can sometimes not receive data from clients, and that means the server has to play with whatever information it has, until it gets new data. in that timeframe, anything you do won’t be registered to the server, things like crashing, not crashing, meshes moving and breaking, the engine and drivetrain simulation like overrev damage or breaking a driveshaft, literally anything.

It’s why you see some people who have totally smashed vehicles and they are just driving normally. This is also dependent on your fps. low fps = long time between data, along with it affecting your own simulation speed.

The only way for there to be a fix is if debug data & mesh data was sent to the server, but that would be very taxing, and impracticable for fps. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t a clear fix :frowning:

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Thank you for your response!

I was just wondering this and now it’s clear to me. Thank you for your time and help.