Welcome to my Plugin!

Here is a small introduction to all the features.

  • The chat-logger: The chat logger has multiple features, such as, discord integration and logging into a separate txt for backup uses or ease of use/search. To enable the chat-logger, you should go to the top of the page and enable as it says how to.

  • The Censorship: Enable in config, add new words by manually inputting it into either instant ban or the other system which simply just blocks the message being sent.

  • The Simple Moderation System: Enable at config, prefix is s!. Example s!kick Dilo Ramming.

  • The whitelist system: Sadly the CMD method doesn’t work, however, local (inputting names manually) does.

If you find any issues/improvements needed please contact me by either pinging me in the beammp server or sending me a friend request. :grinning:

Any recommendations/suggestions are appreciated

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