BeamMP launcher finds non existent malicious file

I was trying to play BeamMP with my brother, but when i launched the launcher it said:
[2/1/2021 16:19:36] [INFO] Version is up to date
[2/1/2021 16:19:36] [ERROR] Found malicious file/folder “greenlumasettings_2020.exe”
[2/1/2021 16:19:36] [ERROR] Illegal steam modifications detected report this if you believe this is a mistake code 1

This is the log, i checked the computer in every way possible and this file is non existent.
Is there anyway i can fix this?

oh ■■■■ problem solved lmao i had to press repair on the installer and now it works

i checked my whole computer for it there is nothing, i reinstalled the launcher mulitple times yet no result

sorry but the launcher is not magic and cannot make stuff up, the only way to “fix” this is to remove whatever that is in the steam directory have a nice day.