BeamMP Launcher keeps installing mod to wrong user directory

So on my pc when setting up I accidently set my user name to Brandon’ but I changed it and deleted my old user folder. Now when I try to launch BeamMP it creates that folder back and tries to install the mod but fails since it is no longer my user folder. My new user folder is just Brandon. I have to move the mod manually and I don’t know when my mod is out of date.

CMD Logs: When launched as User:
[14/6/2023 16:27:56] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[14/6/2023 16:27:56] [INFO] Game Version :
[14/6/2023 16:27:56] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait…
[14/6/2023 16:27:56] [FATAL] create_directories: Access is denied.: “C:\Users\Brandon’\AppData\Local\\0.28\mods/multiplayer”

When launched as admin:
[14/6/2023 16:28:29] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[14/6/2023 16:28:29] [INFO] Game Version :
[14/6/2023 16:28:29] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait…
Progress : [ 100% ] [##########################]
[14/6/2023 16:28:30] [INFO] Download Complete!
[14/6/2023 16:28:30] [INFO] Game Launched!

When it is launched as admin it recreates the file structure (C:\Users\Brandon’\AppData\Local\\0.28\mods\multiplayer\
to run the mod in BeamNG but BeamNG uses my new user folder, C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Local\

Had this same problem myself, where BeamMP was recreating my old Windows user folder whenever I’d start it up. Nothing was working, including going into the registry and manually changing the file paths to my new Windows user folder. The fix I found to work was relocating my BeamNG user folder, using the game’s own manager

  • Open BeamNG, click “Manage User Folder” and then “Choose a new location”
  • Can be anywhere. For me, I chose the root of an empty tertiary drive I have (E:\

Works now! Month late reply, but I hope this helps anyone who might come across this thread

Additional edit:

Go in your registry and check:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders
This is where it was pulling my old Windows user folder name from.

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