BeamMP Messed Up

Everytime I open BeamMP and click multiplayer it says, “The game is not connected to the launcher! Please start the game using the BeamMP Laucnher.” But I can bypass it by clicking logout then login. I don’t want to do that everytime and theres also some other issues with my game and I think its related to this like when I spawn in it spawns to 2 cars in.

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Same here…
Also, every time I enter the available server, I just spawn under the map (underwater) not a blob. My friend enter the server as a blob. even we enter in the same server my friend cant see my car either but I still can see him and interact with his car, even though his car from his camera doesn’t interact with mine. It’s almost feel like I’m invincible. Every time I enter to the server and spawn a car, it’ll just spawn 2 identical cars in, and I cant change or edit my car (or the other “randomly/accidently spawned” one), sometimes my camera view moved to other player car. I also notice that my beammp account is not added to the license plate by default, just random number and letters.
I already reinstall (literally, even removing cache, temp, and user file from my laptop) but it still doesn’t work at all. Any help?

I have those exact same issues too and people always complain because I spawn a car under the map falling everytime. I’ve also tried reinstalling it and just getting rid of all of my MP files to start clean but nothing has worked

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Guess we’ll wait other to help, if there any🥲

I run into the same issues as these post.

I have the same problem