BeamMP mod file deletes itself upon game launch

So, I have looked through many different supposed fixes for this, and not a single one of them has worked. I’m assuming this is because they are a similar issue but not near identical.

Anyway, whenever I open the launcher, it downloads the mod, puts it in the mods folder, and that works.

However, when I press the launch game button, opens, attempts to load the mod, then the mod is just instantly deleted, leaving me with a multiplayer button that doesn’t work since the local files are all just gone.

No errors in the launcher, and in the in-game console it’s just a load of 404 errors because the files were magically deleted. This also includes a load of “extension unavailable” errors for the same reason.

This is incredibly annoying because my friends have no issues, and nothing has even remotely remedied this issue yet

While I was writing this I got it to work,
it has not worked again since.

For a bit more context, I’ve looked through the beamng log files and noticed that a line appears with Game Engine Lua VM started thrice. The first two times all the multiplayer modules are loaded successfully, nothing strange, however after the third time, all of the modules are suddenly “Unavaliable extensions” displaying something along the lines of extension unavailable: "extension_name" at location: "extension_name" (“extension_name” being a placeholder for the actual extension name)

So apparently Portmaster’s existence is enough to break it, I allowed all incoming and outgoing connections in every beamng/beammp related app and the only way to fix it was just disabling Portmaster altogether. Where this incompatibility comes from, I have no idea.

If you’re having this issue and have Glasswire, Portmaster, or any similar network modifying tool try disabling it and see if that works.