Beammp not updating, and uninstalling itself after failing to update

Hello! So i decided to reinstall my BeamMp after the servers are not loading. So after i reinstalled it, it says “Update found” “Starting update” and then will stop saying “HTTP Failed on Read” and then proceeds to delete itself. Unfortunately i cannot supply a good evidence, since it deletes itself. And i have been trying for the past few days now. This issue happened after the 0.32 Updated. Currently the BeamMp is updating but its not exceeding a certain number.

Delete and reinstall the BeamMP-Launcher

hey this just happened to me. I tried to uninstall it. Reinstall. Nothing is working. i also tried to uninstall it in the Beammp folder. Does anyone have a solution?

Here’s a bigger solution here: You can…

  1. Delete BeamMP Launcher and re download it on the BeamMP website
  2. Delete BeamNG along with BeamMP and reinstall both of them
    If nothing works, then contact the BeamMP Devs.