BeamMP on IRC!

I just registered BeamMP as a project on, which is the largest IRC network in the world!

IRC is basically real-time messaging like Discord, but without most of the fancy features and without any need to register. It’s common for software with large communities to have an IRC channel, so I made one for us.

I just want it to be available as an option for people who don’t want to use Discord. It has pretty widespread adoption in the programming community. It’s usually used for programmers to talk about and organize contributions to and ask questions about larger projects (such as firefox, wikipedia, minecraft, minetest, windows, monero, bitcoin, peertube, django, ansible, gitlab, …).

You can join #beammp on using your preferred IRC client or use the webchat by clicking here.

NOTICE: Keep in mind that the Discord is and always will be the primary place for anyone to ask questions, and there is a dedicated support team there! This is mostly an experiment.