BeamMP Problem

HI there Im trying go into a BeamMP server and the mod maps wont work saying FATAL LUA ERROR i was wondering if i could get help on fixing this issue.
After seeing the Error the BeamMP Kicks me out and gives the support and issue report thing i would like to get this fixed if its on my end.

Hi, did you fix this already? I have the same problem.

Hi there.

No need to click on anything, it is safe to ignore these red and yellow notification pop-ups. As soon as the developers will fix the code incompatibility with the new version of the game, these pop-ups will be gone. Don’t worry, there are great changes this year.

Take care.

Hi there,
I don’t know how to go to beammg, I logged into everything I needed to and when I go to beamng it dose no give me a option to change it the multiplayer.

The fatal Lua error has been an issue since 0.31. Maybe in the next update they’ll fix it