Beammp Server installer + start script for linux

Hello I have written a small install and start script.

This is a third party script. I am not a developer of BeamMP and I am not on the BeamMP team.
I uploaded the scripts to github so that everyone can have a look at them and the download works better. (GitHub)
Please note that you need ‘unzip’, ‘screen’ and ‘liblua5.3’. You can install it with this command as root: apt install screen liblua5.3-dev unzip -y
You still need an AuthKey!!! (Keymaster)

Server installation guide:

  1. Download the install script: wget
  2. Give the script rights to execute: chmod +x install
  3. Start the script: ./install
  4. Follow the instructions in the script.

How to use the server management script :

  1. Start server: ./server start
  2. Stop server: ./server stop
  3. Restart server: ./server restart
  4. Console of the server: ./server Terminal

Ideas and suggestions for improving this script are always welcome. This is one of the first scripts that I put in public and therefore I hope you like it.

Hey there, I have created a PR for a small typo. Other than that looks great. Thank you for contributing towards the community!

!!! The data from this article are outdated !!!