BeamMP Server Management Tool v2.0- Easily edit your server’s settings, manage mods and plugins, change maps quickly etc

This is the new version of the BeamMP Server Settings Tool. Now renamed to BeamMP Server Management Tool. Many new stuff have been added.

Description: This small program will help you edit your server’s settings quick and easy, like the server name, description, port, auth key etc. One of the biggest features is that it makes changing maps very quick and easy. Simply select the one you like and save the settings! It also supports custom maps! You aren’t limited to the default beamng maps. It also has other useful features like mod and plugin management, server start-stop, restart timer etc.

Installation instructions: Simply copy the contents of the .zip file inside your BeamMP server directory.
Virus total scan: HERE
Download Link: BeamMP Server Management Tool


Version 2.0
 Custom map support 
 Mod Management
 Plugin Management
 The map selection window has been improved
 Start-Stop server
 Auto restart timer
 Auto restart when config changes are detected
 Log file and live log window
 Abilitiy to use custom server executable 
 Button to quickly open mods, maps, plugins folders
 TOML configuration file support
 Removed ability to view larger map previews when you right click on maps

Version 1.0
 BeamMP Server Setup Tool released

Turbo Diesel#2602


This is beautiful!

It works seamlessly with my Watchdog, and I have no doubt also works well with other scripts.

Mod and plugin de/activation seems to work just fine, as do map mods.

My only concern, consider max players / max cars. You have max values of 10 / 5, respectively. I suggest either allowing any positive integers, either as an input field, or increasing the dropdown menu options to something like 100 / 100. If you read a ServerConfig.toml that has values greater than 10 / 5, you receive the following error if you try to save the config:


Keep up the great work!!

i will fix that immediately!

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Hey there.

Very, very sweet little program. Thank you very much for developing that.

There’s only this one little issue I have - I use linux. And I don’t wanna use WINE, it just doesn’t utilize resources properly and messes with the server stability. Linux unfortunately really isn’t that useable for BeamMP, Cobalt Essentials linux version e.g. doesn’t work either.

I know it’s very much to ask, but are you guys planing a linux version in the future? I kinda doubt the .zip containing a .exe file will work on my debian v-server.

Or do you have any suggestions on what server plug-ins actually work on linux?

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, but a linux version probably won’t happen. I am just a single person developing this program and i am busy with other stuff like school. Making a linux version is just too much for me.

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New version released. Check it out here. Now more than 10 players and more than 5 cars per player allowed!
(New) BeamMP Server Management Tool v2.0 - Easily edit your server’s settings, manage mods and plugins, change maps quickly etc - Resource & Plugin Area / Server Resources - BeamMP


Yeah, totally reasonable dude. Still, thank you very much for your work. Much appreciated!