(New) BeamMP Server Management Tool v2.0 - Easily edit your server’s settings, manage mods and plugins, change maps quickly etc

This is the new version of the BeamMP Server Settings Tool. Now renamed to BeamMP Server Management Tool. Many new stuff have been added.

Description: This small program will help you edit your server’s settings quick and easy, like the server name, description, port, auth key etc. One of the biggest features is that it makes changing maps very quick and easy. Simply select the one you like and save the settings! It also supports custom maps! You aren’t limited to the default beamng maps. It also has other useful features like mod and plugin management, server start-stop, restart timer etc.

Installation instructions: Simply copy the contents of the .zip file inside your BeamMP server directory.

You can find the virus total scan in the download link.
Download Link and other info:BeamMP Server Management Tool


Version 2.0
 -Custom map support 
 -Mod Management
 -Plugin Management
 -The map selection window has been improved
 -Start-Stop server
 -Auto restart timer
 -Auto restart when config changes are detected
 -Log file and live log window
 -Abilitiy to use custom server executable 
 -Button to quickly open mods, maps, plugins folders
 -TOML configuration file support
 -Removed ability to view larger map previews when you right click on maps

Version 1.0
 -BeamMP Server Setup Tool released

Turbo Diesel#2602


hey mate im loving the tool thus far. having some problems with errors and custom maps not functioning at all for some reason. im getting this error pop-up. do you have a github or similar repository where you would rather bug reporting be sent?


If you don’t use any custom maps, the default maps work fine right?
Also is there a specific map that causes the error? To find out test all the maps one by one and tell me which one causes the error

the error in question happens on startup of the program, when trying to open the maps folder from the program, or when trying to refresh the program. the error each time is the same.

An new update(v2.1) has been released for the BeamMP Server Management Tool.
Check it out at the link down below(The link at the start of the thread also works):
BeamMP Server Management Tool

What’s new in v2.1:

Version 2.1
 -Fixed error caused by certain maps and mods
 -Added search capability in Maps, Mods and Plugins lists
 -Some other bug fixes
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This is great. Any chance you can get this working inside AMP from CubeCoders. AMP is a game server management tool. Would be cool to be able to manage BeamMP servers using AMP!

I have no experience with AMP and i don’t have enough free time to spend working on it. :confused:

Just uploaded my tool on github and also released a new version, v2.1.1.
SteliosLL/BeamMP-Server-Management-Tool: Easily edit your server’s settings, manage mods and plugins, change maps quickly etc (github.com)