BeamMP Server Settings Tool - Easily edit your server's settings, change maps quickly

Hi there. I made a tool that makes setting up your server quick and easy. I made this tool for myself but i decided to refine it and share it with you guys. Just copy the program into the BeamMP server directory and you are good to go. With this tool you can quickly and easily edit your settings. One of the main reasons why i made this program is to quickly change maps without having to open the text file and spend time trying to find out the names for each map. I will add custom map support in the future.
The file is safe. There is just one false positive. Here is the virus total scan:

Download Link: BeamMP_Server_Tool
Turbo Diesel#2602


Good job! I looked at the source code, and it looks safe enough (no guarantees). :slight_smile:

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This looks pretty good ^^

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Quick note that the new v2.1.1 server has a new config format.

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thanks for pointing that out! I will include the fix in the next version! Custom map support and many other stuff coming

It’s TOML - there’s most likely a library that can read it. IIRC this is written in C#, and there’s a library for toml in C#. So you can just use that.

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New version released. Check it out here.
(New) BeamMP Server Management Tool v2.0 - Easily edit your server’s settings, manage mods and plugins, change maps quickly etc - Resource & Plugin Area / Server Resources - BeamMP

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My plug -in will prompt Error Backend Response Failed to PARSE As Valid JSON


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