BeamMP-Server Unofficial Fixes and Features

Hey BeamMP!

My name is Sergey, and me and my team (just 1 other guy) have been working on understanding and reworking the BeamMP-Server code.

We are providing binaries for Linux (and Windows on request) BeamMP-Servers, which get more updates than BeamMP’s own one. We don’t plan to give our changes to BeamMP, because from interactions with some of the team we know they do not appreciate some of the changes we made (e.g. removing Sentry, because it doesn’t add to the user experience).

We are of course aware that someone may think its shady, therefore we will gladly provide patches for certain features or fixes to anyone who asks - so you can patch the source code yourself.

We provide these executables, now and forever, free of charge on our discord:

We do this because we love BeamMP.


  • MP.Get(MP.Setting) as a mirrored function to MP.Set(MP.Setting), allows to get the current value of settings of the server at runtime. No more luatoml needed!
  • Static build: No dependencies needed on Linux! This means you can simply download and run the server on almost any Linux (x86_64). Tested with various Ubuntu and Debian versions (but will work on other distros).

Bug fixes

We fixed (so far) the following issues which occur in the current latest BeamMP-Server release:

  • MP.TriggerGlobalEvent() crashes when called with no event arguments (like MP.TriggerGlobalEvent("event")), causing inter-plugin communication to be very difficult
  • In some cases cars end up not being deleted when players leave (we have a partial fix, full fix coming once we can reproduce the cases better)

Hello @sergivanov, Nice to see members of the community making an effort towards matters too!
For that I say thank you.

Might I ask if we can open a line of communication to discuss the possibility to merge your work with the upstream for the betterment of the community?

Kind regards,