BeamMP Server Web Interface

BeamMP Web Interface

A Web interface for the BeamMP multiplayer server


• Displays the map currently configured on the server.
• Ability to change MAP
• Ability to delete an MOD
• Ability to upload an MOD
• Listing of all MODs present on the server (maps, cars and features) with the exception of the game’s official cars.
• For each MOD (map, car, feature), its name, description and an image are displayed.
• For maps, an image showing the circuit layout can be displayed.
• Only the MAP currently configured on the server is present in the MOD folder, the others are placed in a separate folder to optimize MOD download and loading time.
• A button to update the BeamMP server with a single click!
• Multilingual management of the interface (and only the interface, not database content such as MOD names and descriptions). For the moment english, french, spanish and german only. Any language can be added to the lang file.


Preview 2
Preview 3
Preview 6

GitHub : GitHub - IxeYgrek/BeamMP-Web-Interface: A Web interface for the BeamMP multiplayer server
Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat

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@ashmaker000 Check this thing out.

I can help with installation if needed.
I also plan to create an installation script to make it even easier.

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Cheers @OctopusCarDoor
Looks like it has potential @IxeYgrek ,

How does it get the modded maps like where are they from?
How do is it pick the modded vehicles like where are they from?
Can you make this into a Docker container?
How will this would if you have multiple servers that run 24/7 ect will you be able to select the server you want to modify or not?
Can mods/maps be changed while the server is up and running?


All information is stored in a SQL database. When you validate the MOD upload form, a new entry is created in the database.
If you already have many MODs on the server, you can build SQL queries to add them to the database.

I’m not planning to make a docker container.

BeamMP needs to be restarted for a change in the configuration file to take effect. So when you change the map, the configuration file is modified and the server is restarted.
However, changing the configuration without restarting the server is planned by the BeamMP team (Development · GitHub). When this becomes available, I’ll modify my code accordingly.
The server is restarted only for map changes and server updates. The server is not restarted when an MOD of any type is added or deleted.

My Web interface doesn’t handle multiple servers. That said, it’s perfectly possible to duplicate the interface as many times as necessary for each server and add a menu at the top of the beamng.php page to switch from one interface to another.

Finally, I don’t intend to stop development here, and hope to make it even better by adding new features and improving existing ones.

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Sounds great! Looking for to seeing updates.


I’ve modified the code a bit to make it much easier to manage multiple instances:

1 - In the beamng.php file, added a menu to point to other Web interfaces for other servers. Simply uncomment this piece of code and replace the location of the other beamng.php files according to your instances.


    <div class="menu">
        <a href="beamng.php">Server 1</a>
        <a href="beamng.php">Server 2</a>
        <a href="beamng.php">Server 3</a>

become this:

    <div class="menu">
        <a href="server1/beamng.php">Server 1</a>
        <a href="server2beamng.php">Server 2</a>
        <a href="server3/beamng.php">Server 3</a>

2 - In the configuration file, an entry has been added to define the table name as a variable, enabling data from several instances to be stored (one table per instance).