BeamMP Status Discord Bot

Hi everyone,

I have created yet another Discord bot for telling you the status of BeamMP servers.

It allows the admin of a discord server to do a b! save <discord user> command to save a discord user to the bots database. After this setup is done, any member of the discord server will be able to run the b! check command to check the status of all servers owned by the saved user. Any member of a discord server can also do b! status <discord user> to get the status of servers owned by that user.

Full command list:

help - shows the list of commands and their usage.

status <user> - inputs a discord user to get the information about servers owned by them.

support - sends a link to the support server.

invite - sends a link to invite the bot.

save <type> - A command that can only be run by server administrators where the type can be 'server' to save a server owner for the 'b! check' command or 'info' to get the current settings for the guild.

check - like the 'b! status' command, but returns the information for servers owned by the set user for the guild.

botstats - Checks the uptime & number of commands run for the bot.

beamstats - Show the stats for BeamMP servers as a whole.

The information that the bot outputs is formatted in the following way: (subject to change)

Server name
Mod count
Players (if is less than 5 then it states the player names, if is greater than 4 then it states the count)

The bot is also on, feel free to upvote it :wink:

Lastly, I know there is another bot on the platform, and I am not going to tell you which to chose, but I would greatly appreciate it if you try each out before deciding.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can join the support server, otherwise you can invite the bot here.

Quick links:

Invite the bot.

Join the support server.

Upvote on