BeamMP thinks I have a Pirated copy

Me and my brothers just bought BeamNG off of Humble DRM free, I tried to download BeamMP and it said, sorry! we don’t support pirated copies! Even though I bought it a few hours ago. Please fix this.

@theslimeinator It say it is pirated because it doesn’t detect THE GAME in steam, not steam itself.
You must own the game on steam (if you bought it through the Humble Bundle ~ another retailer for the game ~ it should come with a code for steam)
If you already have the game on steam, right click the game, go to properties, local files, and verify the game.

This should answer your question :smiley:

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@titch Does BeamMP use Steam servers to run or does it just say it is pirated because it does not detect Steam?

I bought it on steam about 3 years ago and it still works …
today I did reinstallation of all applications and it doesn’t work :frowning:

[16/2/2021 21:47:46] [ERROR] Sorry. We do not support cracked copies report this if you believe this is a mistake code 6

@theslimeinator I am sorry then but you wont be able to use BeamMP. Should your father change his mind or look into it further then you are welcome to come play.

Just a couple of points to help you out should you need it:

  • Steam account is free.
  • You will not need to buy the game again. (Humble Bundle will provide the key)

If you manage to sort it out with your dad then as I said you are welcome to come play.

@TheSlimeInATor I meant BeamMP sorry lol

@jayden No, you can get a DRM free copy (without the need of Steam or a different DRM) off of Humble Bundle. That’s the reason why they don’t have a steam workshop, so people with a DRM free copy have access to all the mods.

@titch My dad is anti DRM. If not for that, I would have had one a long time ago.

I am curious about the “not allowed to make one” bit. Why is that?

I’m pretty sure you need a Steam account w/ BeamNG.Drive in order to be able to play BeamNG.Drive

I don’t even have a steam acount, and I am not aloud to make one.

Humble boundle should give you a steam key, redeem it on steam and run it trough it for a bit and MP should work :slight_smile:

It’s not an issue, if you’re game is not from Steam you can’t play in multiplayer.