BeamMp using igpu instead of dedicated

I have a Ryzen 3 3200g and a GTX 970 which can run the base game on medium to low settings at ~200 fps. However the Beam-MP mod makes it use my integrated graphics and it gets ~10 so its unplayable. I have went into graphics setting and set Beam-NG AND Beam-MP to high priority, and made them use dedicated graphics but it still doesn’t work and my gpu sits at ~30% utilization. Help please because i want to be able to play this great mod. Thanks.

that is really strange, can you try launching beamng’s exe (inside its steam folder) manually and seeing which gpu it uses there?

Hello, if you are on Linux you need to use proton-GE it is known that BeamNG on Linux will use your igpu instead. This is not a BeamMP issue it has nothing to do with what the game / OS chooses to use as GPU.