🎉 BeamMP v4.10.0 Introducing the Beamlings!

BeamMP v4.10.0 | More Fixes & Beamlings Public Release

Introducing BeamMP v4.10.0 and the Beamlings!!
BeamMP is proud to be working with @vanillevaschnille to be bringing you the Beamlings to BeamMP as a new core feature and offering.
Over the coming year there will be several content updates to these cute playful characters that we envision will add a new dynamic to your experience in both BeamNG.drive and BeamMP.

This update also includes a number of fixes and features:

  • Updated German translations
  • (New Experimental) Positional update inconsistency smoother - Is trying to reduce vehicles warping forth and back (Enable in Settings Multiplayer → Advanced). Feedback Here
  • Additional updates for further compatibility with BeamNG.drive v0.31.2

Beamling Showcase Video: