๐ŸŽ‰ BeamMP v4.12.1

BeamMP v4.12.1

BeamMP will automatically update. All you need to do is start it! :slight_smile:

Whatโ€™s Changed

  • Support for BeamNG.drive v0.32.3 BeamNG.drive v0.32.3 Release Notes - BeamNG.drive

  • Vehicles:

    • Fixed simplified vehicle part id again by Please-Pick-a-Name
    • Reworked simplify vehicle functionality by Please-Pick-a-Name
    • Ability to restore deleted player vehicles by clodiop
  • Input:

    • Revised input syncing and added support for custom inputs by Olrosse
    • Add BeamMP Input Category Injection by StanleyDudek
  • UI:

    • Added togglable player ID option by Starystars67
    • Changed LoadingServer tile to stay centered on all display aspect ratios by Mr-Rogue-Official
    • Complete warning prompt when joining servers with mods by Starystars67
      Requires Launcher update, which will follow in the near future.
    • Sort the server mods alphabetically before displaying by Starystars67
  • Vehicle Paint:

    • Paint checks and reverted onVehicleReady change by Olrosse
    • Changed the way we get the colors on vehicle spawn by Olrosse
    • Fixes Sync of vehicle colors by signaling the vehicle being ready when it actually is ready by OfficialLambdax

  • Beamlings

    • New police and fireman hats
    • New police baton
    • New eyes to express emotions
    • New sign for holding
  • Other fixes:

    • Addresses an untested case from PR#557 by OfficialLambdax
    • fix for VE extensions not loading with some vehicle configs by Olrosse
    • Add Default settings by Starystars67
  • Translations:

    • Updated zh_Hans translations by Please-Pick-a-Name
    • Updated tr_TR translations by YumiNee213
    • Updated pl_PL translations by GtafanWRLD

New Contributors

  • clodiop made their first contribution
  • Mr-Rogue-Official made their first contribution

If you would like to contribute to the project, feel free to check out our GitHub at BeamMP ยท GitHub

If you can help with translations, please check out our GitLocalize at BeamMP/BeamMP | GitLocalize

Full Changelog : Comparing v4.11...v4.12.1 ยท BeamMP/BeamMP ยท GitHub