Beamng/MP Memory not being cleared on exit

After playing beamng using the beammp mod I’ve noticed a rather larger issue within my system, it seems the game closes normally but, my ram usage did not decrease. Figuring I had an issue with a memory leak, or an issue with memory not being cleared for use after application has been closed I ran a mem dump (this was after I put the pc to hibernate for the night and started it up again)
The mem dump shows ram still holding several beamng exe files, likely what’s putting me at 16gb of ram usage. Whilst I know this is an advanced issue, I feel it may be likely there’s some sort of call or function that’s being used that’s either no longer supported or buggy for exiting the game or beammp/it’s used dependencies.

I’ve noticed this issue over several months but occurs rather infrequently, and is easily dealt with a restart. But is still quite a nuisance; having to restart several applications and set the pc back up as I like.

I will also be creating a similar report for the official beamng game as well. If anyone has any ideas that could be helpful, or needs more information. I’d be happy to help resolve this oddity.