BeamNG Multiplayer disconnects my WiFi connection

Almost all the time after I get logged in to a game, my Wifi connection is cut. I need to restart my Wifi adapter to get back internet.

Solution proposals are welcome.

Thank you.

i dont know if you found a solution or not but just to point out, im having the same issue as you. After about 3 to 5 minutes of playing, my ethernet gets cut and my router needs to be restarted in order to reconnect. Its a huge inconvenience and it only happens while playing beammp.

If yo have a Mac computer, that could be the problem. Or is it on a slow pc or something?

No, I have a 10700k and a 3080ti system on windows 11. I just rebuilt it yesterday, I hope it might fix the issue. I did basic maintenance and tested hardware on another system and it looked like its not a hardware thing.

Any updates on this? I have the same problem where my entire router dies after some time. happens when I host a lobby and play in it.

Just uninstall BeamMP or shut down or reset your whole computer.