Big Update... Release Time (V 1.70)

:confetti_ball: :tada: It’s here! We have gone near a year since the first ever public released version of multiplayer, which if you remember, was a Node.js (Java Script) based solution with reset based vehicle postition updating… it looked pretty odd and used the clunky ‘bridge’ application, but it proved that multiple people could be present at the same time and somewhat interact with each other and the world.

Well, we are happy to say that this new version is nothing like the first, many re-writes and experimental builds have lead up to what you’d expect from a game that natively supports multiplayer; smooth movement, predictive positioning based on ping, realistic crashes with your pals, mod syncing set by the server, synced gearboxes, differentials, and electrics (horns, lights, sirencs etc.) and fully fledged servers for both Linux and Windows that support various scripts such as those that sync weather between clients, add MOTD’s, and auto restart servers (special thank you to those of you who have proved this is possible!)

Okay okay, so, if you remember the first release on Node.JS, you’ll know that hosting a server was publicly available; this all changed when we started development into a rewritten version of the mod, in C++, where we migrated the development builds over to early-access/patreon membership only - these builds were so unstable, and the java version was not, that it seemed sensible to keep the majority of people on the stable java build, and only allow gated access to the new re-written version to those who really wanted to help progress the mod & support it; eventually this build became stable enough to replace the java version outright; this was no easy feat, it took an incredible amount of hours to get everything working as we wanted. A similar story with the servers - we are happy to announce that the servers are stable enough to use, and somewhat easy enough to set-up, that we can now offer the servers to the public for everyone to use!

We thank our supporters immensly, it’s important to note that without your testing, we’d have probably drowned in support tickets/help me posts, and ultimately have been unable to deliver the experience we hope you can all enjoy today!

Please enjoy a fully synced online experience, and we hope you meet some awesome people along the way :slight_smile:

The BeamMP development team

Want to set up a server? Here’s a handy tutorial
Click (3.56 MB) for the server!
Your clients should automatically update to the newest version of beam when you launch the mod.
Change log here

how do I make a server?

@catcatmaxmax said in Big Update... Release Time (V 1.70):


You need to register an Authentication Key here:

when I try to make a server it just comes up with this [20/11/2020 21:09:34] [INFO] BeamMP Server Running version 1.0
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] [INFO] Config found updating values
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] Debug : true
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] Private : false
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] Port : 30814
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] Max Cars : 1
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] MaxPlayers : 10
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] MapName : /levels/gridmap/info.json
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] ServerName : BeamMP New Server
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] ServerDesc : BeamMP Default Description
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] File : Resources
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [DEBUG] Key length: 6
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [INFO] Lua system online
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] TCPServerMain [INFO] Vehicle event network online
[20/11/2020 21:09:34] main [INFO] Vehicle data network online on port 30814 with a Max of 10 Clients
[20/11/2020 21:09:47] Heartbeat [ERROR] Backend system refused server! Check your AuthKey
and then closes and I don’t have an auth key


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