BMP Online Experiencing Heavy Frame Drops (Only Online)

When playing multiplayer (Not in Solo) the game experiences freezes and heavy frame drops for 1-2 seconds, during this time the CPU and GPU loads on my pc drop really hard meaning the game goes unresponsive for a moment (I think). I’m 90% sure its a network issue but I’m not sure if its on my end or on the servers end if that’s the case. I enabled firewall pass through and again the game runs fine In solo mode. When I launch Beam MP multiplayer the logs say my game version is “too new” but I am unsure if that is an issue. I had my tech savvy friend look at my game but he couldn’t find much other than the network issue idea. Any Ideas??

For me it only happens when someone is making changes to their car & the server syncs that car so it looks like it should.

Unsure if it’s the same case for you or if this issue also happens if you are alone on a server.


It is likely that your game is spawning other people’s vehicles. If this is annoying, you can disable or adjust the automatic queue system by going to settings, then BeamMP