Can i use AI Traffic while playing Multiplayer?


I want to spawn AI traffic while playing Multiplayer. How can i do this?


In beamMP, every car you yourself spawn, counts as yours. So when you (try) to spawn AI traffic, those cars will count as yours.

Many public servers will have a per-player vehicle cap of one. This means that as soon as you try to spawn AI traffic, most likely your game will crash, since beamNG is trying to spawn Traffic but beamMP is blocking it.

If you are on a server with a higher per-player vehicle cap, for example your own server with ten cars per player, you can theoretically spawn nine AI traffic cars besides your own car.

Theoretically? Why only theoretically?
Thats where things get complicated, so bear with me as i try to explain it.

The beamMP per-player vehicle cap will limit the amount of cars you can spawn, your own car plus nine traffic in this example.

But, every car currently spawned on the map (yours, your AI, other players cars, other players AI) will be taken into account by beamNG when it comes to spawning your traffic.

So lets say you join a server that has one other player on it already. This other player has his own car and nine AI spawned. You got your own car. So in total theres now eleven cars on the map.

If you yourself also want to spawn nine AI traffic of your own, you now need to set the traffic amount in the menu to twenty, since theres eleven other cars already.

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So How Can I start my own server to do that? To make my own AI Traffic with friends?

ive tried this on a server with no vehicle cap on a very powerful computer, my game crashed on the 5th car (ryzen 5 5600, rtx 3060, 16 gigs ram)

Please share your logs from your game. We can then analyse why your game crashed for you.

Please just load into your server and then use the in-game traffic app to create your traffic for the server.
Do note that when you leave the server the traffic will also be removed.

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