Can you run BeamMP on a slow laptop?

Just bought BeamNG on sale! and seen clips of people having fun on BeamMP, I want to try it too but my laptop is not really a fast one, it has Ryzen 3500U with Vega 8 and 10GB of RAM, it runs perfectly fine on almost all maps that are not called west coast, but once I put traffic inside the fps drops to 18fps-ish and I wonder if it can run BeamMP or not

And also just in case if anyone suggests this, no I cannot get a better PC, I am a broke high school student, what do you expect

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you should be able to play beamMP fine as long as there arent any more than 4 cars since each car requires a core to run, and graphics should run fine on beamng

sweet! i will keep that in mind, thank you!