Cannot activate mods

Running latest official beamng from steam, latest beammp.

freshly installed pc.

game runs fine, but somehow i cant activate mods anymore ( i used to a couple of months ago )

for example: jato everything… when i click activate mod it stays inactive ( also says its inactive )

clicking activate all doesnt do anything either… only mod active is beammp.

tried several mods, none worked, but there was 1 ( a car ) that said “inactive” but DID show up in my list. ???

-edit-- did some more research and it seems beammp disabled it?

then my question is: how come some other people still have it working ( asked in server.
why do some mods show as inactive, but do work ( the car i downloaded for example )
where can i see what mods are enabled on the server?

anyone? i cant be the only one