Cannot see anyone moving

My friend and I are trying to play Beamng together, whenever we go into any server I am able to see other players move except for my friend. My friend isn’t able to see anyone move at all, he is still able to crash into other players and drive around but no players move. He is also able to see players update or configure their vehicles. He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Beamng and Beammp, he has port forwarded it, and has allowed it on his firewall and virus protector. If there is anyway we can fix this please let me know.

This can be caused by a firewall blocking some traffic. You could try checking your firewall to ensure it is not blocking beamNG or beamMP. This may not be the issue but it would be worth checking. You may also want to check your router settings to see if it is blocking the traffic.

To allow an application, such as the BeamMP-Server, through the firewall, follow these steps:

  1. Search “Allow an app through Windows firewall”
  2. Click “Change Settings”
  3. Scroll down to find the and BeamMP-launcher - if it is not there click “Allow another app” and navigate to the or BeamMP-launcher file
  4. Tick all boxes for or BeamMP-launcher
  5. Click “Ok”

correct. unless they have changed the client 4444 port (without also changing it in the Launcher.cfg file or in-game or vice versa) or set up the server port outside of the range (30814-31838), which is extremely dangerous

Indeed, it is my hope that anyone punching holes in their network has done the research necessary to do so safely. If not Jesus be with your harddrive, childe.