Can't connect to own server but others can

Basic Explanation:
I can’t join my own server but I can join other public servers without issue. My friend can join my server without confliction and it seems like the general public can also but obviously I can’t confirm that.

(Window stays in focus mode so it loads fully, I am using direct connect when connecting)

Things ive tried:

  • Safemode boot
  • Clear Cache
  • Changing the directory for user files
  • Checking & Changing ports
  • Disable all mods besides MP mod
  • Disable all server mods (still doesnt connect)
  • Reinstalling BeamMP
  • Reinstalling the entire game
  • Running everything in admin mode (and different combinations)

Images of useful information:
Beam-MP Server Errors

Appreciate any help, Thanks.

Having the same issues. Seems no one knows or doesn’t want to share what it is.

We noticed something like this too. Not in direct connect though. We just don’t see our own server listed. But, at first, we could see the server and we connected to it. For some reason we don’t see it listed with public servers anymore, but it is listed in the “Recents.” We find the server there and are able to connect :man_shrugging:t2:

Update 1: We only started experiencing this after adding the Crash Hard map and setting up the server to use it. It could be related. Maybe switch back to a default map?

Update 2: I read somewhere else that you’re supposed to direct connect to your own server :person_facepalming:t2:. So, that’s good to know for my problem. Are you direct connecting to and port 30814?