Can't connect to own server but others can

Basic Explanation:
I can’t join my own server but I can join other public servers without issue. My friend can join my server without confliction and it seems like the general public can also but obviously I can’t confirm that.

(Window stays in focus mode so it loads fully, I am using direct connect when connecting)

Things ive tried:

  • Safemode boot
  • Clear Cache
  • Changing the directory for user files
  • Checking & Changing ports
  • Disable all mods besides MP mod
  • Disable all server mods (still doesnt connect)
  • Reinstalling BeamMP
  • Reinstalling the entire game
  • Running everything in admin mode (and different combinations)

Images of useful information:
Beam-MP Server Errors

Appreciate any help, Thanks.

Having the same issues. Seems no one knows or doesn’t want to share what it is.