Can't connect to own server with modded map.

So to start off with my server works fine when I use a default map but when I follow the instructions for modded maps it will connect start to load in then kick me back to the main menu. I am attempting to use Carkour 2 as my map and I moved the zip file into the server resource client folder. I then changed the server settings to “/levels/Carkour2/info.json” and then try to connect but it wont go all the way through. Any thing I’m missing?


@charles yes it was /levels/carkour2/carkour2.mis

you got it?

@charles you are a ■■■ sent.

it could be a /levels/carkour2/carkour2.mis or /levels/carkour2/.mis or /levels/carkour2/info.mis
cant remember which one

I have gotten it to work with other custom maps but not this one. And I did try changing “/levels/carkour2/info.json” to lowercase with no luck.

i keep trying to put mods in the client folder and they don’t show up on my server it just says 0 mods used

Are the mods zipped?
Are you restarting the server?
Are they mods?