Can't join my friend's server

my friend made a server, we port forwarded it and everything, but when i try to connect it, it says connection failed.

Hello, can you show the server console when that error happens? Usually there’s a code that helps troubleshoting.

the console doesn’t even say, that i tried to connect.

oh, i found omething

That error indicates there is an issue with port forwarding. Have they allowed beammp server in their firewall and forwarded the server port in their router? (both TCP and UDP protocols)

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yes, he did all of that things

Please have your friend test the connection by visiting Open Port Check Tool – Verify Port Forwarding on Your Router (
and changing the port on the site from 80 to the server port, start the server and run the test on the site.

but my server is working, but it still says Error: I could not see your service on IP on port (30814 )

Sorry for the delay. If canyouseeme is showing the service is unavailable, then that likely means a misconfig with port forwarding and/or firewall rules. I would confirm the rule points 30814 tcp/udp to your servers local IP, then make sure the servers windows firewall allows the port or the server exe directly.

we couldn’t find the issue, we will use my server because its working.

Hello, if you haven’t had the issue fixed yet, I had to disable my router firewall as well as port forward on both UDP and TCP protocols for my friends to be able to join

For clarity, this is NOT recommended

I was wondering, how do you disable your firewall for your router?

Don’t disable your router firewall.