Cant join servers with mods

Hello, i have problems with joining servers with mods on them. when i try to join the mods stop loading halfway. i dont tab out while its loading, and the game doesnt freeze, it just doesnt load the mods, ive tried it on multiple servers, i reinstalled beammp and the mods, nothing works.

You can try several things to try and help this issue.

Make sure you have gotten rid of “troublesome” mods or if you want to start fresh ALL mods that you have. To do this, right click on the BeamMP launcher shortcut on your desktop, open file location, resources, delete all mods in the resources folder.

You can also try to clear your cache for BeamNG. Run the beammp launcher, instead of launching the game you should click on “support tools” then clear cache (this may take some time depending on your PC)

You should also make sure that BeamMP is allowed on any to all antivirus on your PC AND that BeamMP is allowed through windows firewall

  1. Search “Allow an app through windows firewall”
  2. Click “Change Settings”
  3. Scroll down to find “BeamMP-Launcher.exe” - if it is not there click “allow another app” and navigate to the BeamMP launcher file
  4. Click “Ok”
  5. Close BeamNG & BeamMP Launcher
  6. Try launching BeamMP again