Can't load any server

Hey all, today I spent 2 hours waiting for servers to load and essentially just wasted time. I am trying to join these 2 servers, but whenever I launch them, it gives me an error at the top. Am I suppose to be at a specific version of the game or something? I can’t load anything anymore.

Those errors are normal and they don’t mean anything.

No, not the errors at the top, im saying that I can’t load anything in the middle. No mods are loading

It loads all of the mods but stops completely at others. The game is still running but nothing is loading. Not sure why I am unable to load these particular mods :confused:

You can try to turn on the “experimental mod loading” in Options > Multiplayer to see if that helps

Yup I’ve tried all solutions, but I have actually spoken to a dev and we tested certain mods out. We found out that apparently I am unable to join modded servers simply because of the spaces in the mod file! I asked the mods of the server if they could remove them and they did, and now I am able to load and play with no problem :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the help, I appreciate it!

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