Can't load mod resources

I can’t join a modded server. All it says is: Loading resources 1/1. I’ve tried to join many other servers too but it dosen’t work at all. Anything I can do?

Hi, Please make sure you don’t have any mods enabled other than BeamMP in your mod manager. Also, when joining a server, please ensure that you keep the game window active and don’t click anywhere while it is downloading.

It’s not working

You can also try to delete your key file in the beammp install location. Also, make sure that only BeamMP is active in the mod repo.

  1. Right click BeamMP-Launcher shortcut
  2. Click “open file location”
  3. delete “key” file
  4. Run the Launcher again

Where can I find the key? I can only find the launcher

I found out, in the launcher command thing, all it says is syncing