Can't log in on beammp

When i type my user name and my password it is saying Attempting to log in… for an eternity

Hello, sorry for the delay in the response, this post had been placed in the wrong topic category. The legacy fix for this problem is to click the ‘Logout’ button (even though you are not logged in), and then try logging in again.

Im having the same issue. i tried to do what u said, but still doing the same thing “Attempting to log in” and nothing happens. Plus, i even cant play as a guest, it does not let me acess the server list.

Update: i rebooted the game 4 times and it decided to work

Sometimes the server list takes a little bit to populate, if you are having trouble with it give it about 5 minutes. This is an issue I also have sometimes, I figured it’s because my PC is one step away from being a potato.