Cant login pls help

I have created an account but whenever i try to sign into beamMP to play multi it says wrong password or email. I try to login to the forums and same thing, so i have to use the sign in link sent to my email. HELP! i wrote down my email and password so i know its the correct one.

Hello, please can you change your password on the forum. When we moved to this new software the passwords were all reset so please click forgot password on the login page of the forum and then set a new password. This will resolve your issue in-game too.

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I know this is a late response but, I’ve had this issue as well ever since I first installed MP.
I remember the first ever time I had logged in but ever since, even after re-installation, heck even reformatting my OS(not for this issue XD)
I’ve attempted resetting a couple times now. I’ve even directly copied and pasted the new password and it still informs me that the password is correct. Yet here I am making a reply to a 1year old post =]
Somethings telling me my account is somehow bugged and I may need to delete and re-register or create a whole new email.
Thank you for your time =]

Hi, please check if the BeamMP Launcher is showing any errors.

this is probably not the place to ask this. When i open beam mp, it says “[ERROR] (Core) bind failed with error: 10048” then crashes… Then says " contact support [error code: 0x5000003] error description: Log system failed to initialize" please help

I forgot my logine please help