Can't Login, Tried Everything

I’ve tried everything I could think of, and even tried stuff I’ve read on the forum. It just continues to say, “Attempting to Login…” Any fixes?

Are you on a legitimate copy of Beam NG?

Yes I am, I’ve got it updated through steam aswell.

So a few steps you can try.

First one is to hit “log out” even though you haven’t logged in and then log in again.

If that doesn’t work delete Beam MP from the repository and then launch the launcher to refresh beam MP.

If neither of those work you can rename your 0.32 folder to 0.32_bak and then launch Beam again to refresh the beam file structure.

If reloading the 0.32 folder doesn’t work it will eliminate a lot of possibilities, but we would need a more experienced member of the support staff to assist you.