Can't see a "Multiplayer" button


After installing BeamMP, In the main menu of the game, I cannot see a “Multiplayer” button.

Possible Solutions

Start through the “BeamMP Launcher”

Make sure you launched the game through the “BeamMP Launcher”, NOT through steam directly. Once you made sure to start the game through the BeamMP Launcher, you should see a “Multiplayer” button in the main menu.

Enable BeamMP mod

  1. Run the BeamMP launcher as administrator
  2. Go to the main menu
  3. Go into the Repository
  4. Click on Mod Manager
  5. Click on “Disable all mods”
  6. Then only enable the “beammp” mod (the BeamMP mod should be the only mod in your mod manager that is active
  7. Press Ctrl + L (if this doesnt work also press f5)
  8. If the BeamMP mod is the only mod active and you STILL dont see multiplayer, try restarting your PC and trying steps 5-7