Can't spawn a car in any server

This only started happening today. Whenever I go into a server and spawn a car, my game freezes and I get this error code: 0xC0000409 STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN. I’ve looked at the error codes list and didn’t see this one and also looked it up with no luck. I’ve deleted and reinstalled beammp and disabled all of my mods so I don’t know what else to do.

Hi I’m same problem

Hi there, we know about this bug but due to limited reproducibility we’re struggling to narrow down on the problem. Nonetheless we are trying to fix this with limited knowledge of the problem - in the past this would happen because the ‘driver assist’ mod was still enabled when BeamMP was launched, but more recently this isn’t always the case.
If you could both confirm that no other mods except BeamMP are enabled, and cache is cleared with game up to date, when this issue is happening, that would be greatly appreciated!

Yes i have this problem also, its only in this multiplayer mod that it happens, spawn car in a server and crash with the buffer error code, I did this with a fresh install so no mods were active.

And yes it used to work yesterday when i first played it. Very strange…
I even changed default folder in the launcher and that worked for a evening, but today if i do the same again it wont work. Now it crashes every time.

I cleared the cache several times and reinstalled beam mp and that seamed to work for me. Thanks for the help.

Yes I seem to be having the same issue. I have to clear the cache very often.

Indeed every time i close the game i need to do it again if i want to play.

They are working on it. I’m pretty sure atleast.

I had it happen to me recently as well, and yeah clearing cache was also the only way i could get back into BeamMP - I haven’t heard what the devs are doing about it, but they are still aware of the issue :smiley: