Can't start mod in BeamMP

Here are the details of my problem.

When I launch Beamng with the Beammp luncher and join a server, it is impossible to launch a mod via the mod manager included in the game

When I press the ''Activate" button, nothing happens.

I also tried to force to put “true” in the DB* file and nothing happens either

If I omitted details, please let me know.

It is no longer possible to side load mods in a server, that was deactivated. There where lots of user and server admin reports on players using mods on a server that they wherent supposed to use. This caused players to preceive others as black balls and it caused all kind of other weird behaviours that made the overall experience in beammp rough. Like there where incompatibilities with other mods, physic errors for those who didnt have the mod sideloaded and lots of support requests of players who didnt understand why their friend was a black ball for them.

There is nothing you can do about it, but to play on servers or to create your own that have the mods you want to play with others

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