Can't transmit data from client to server

I’m new to BeamMP modding and I have a probem with transmitting data from the client to the server. (vice versa works). I can trigger a server event with TriggerServerEvent, but the data transmitted is always nil.

Here’s the server-side code:

and the client side:

this function is called by a BeamNGTrigger:

The result:

The data that is sent is correct, confirmed by printing it to the BeamNG console.
Thanks in advance for helping :slight_smile:

Hey! Welcome to BeamMP!
It looks like your client has “onCheckpointTrigger” while your server has “onCheckpointTigger”, are you sure this typo isn’t causing your issues?

That typo didn’t solve the initial issue, it still persists. I tried just sending just one string,

but it just prints 0 to the server console everytime I drive through a checkpoint.