Capture The Flag: a recreation of Dirt 3 Transporter

Dirt 3 had some awesome split screen gamemodes, but this has to be my favorite. And now I have gained enough Lua knowledge to remake it on my favorite car game, BeamNG!

If you’ve never played Capture the flag in a car game before, here is how it works:

  • A flag and goal spawn when you start the game.
  • Whoever touches the flag first will get the flag and needs to bring it to a goal (the car pulsates blue if you have the flag and you get a nametag above your head).
  • If another player touches the flag carrier he steals the flag.
  • When a flag carrier touches a goal he scores the point.
  • Rinse and repeat until either the time or score limit is reached, depending on how you configure the gamemode.

When installed use /transporter help or /ctf help to see what the available commands are (ctf or CTF are aliases for transporter).

You can download the latest release zip from github: Releases · SaltySnail/BeamMP-Transporter · GitHub

Right now there are areas to play on on the maps: Italy, West Coast Usa, Industrial, battersea


Make sure to add the Transporter UI app to your game! EDIT: You don’t need to do this with v0.41 or higher

Getting this error when loading into server. The ui is also not showing.
Love this extension though, thank you.

@KodeMan Thanks for letting me know and for the feedback!
The latest release adresses the issue, you can find it here Release BeamMP-Transporter · SaltySnail/BeamMP-Transporter · GitHub. Let me know if you find more problems :smiley:

That was fast! will do!

Oof sorry, 1 more error

That was quick aswell haha, I’ve updated the release I sent to adress the errors. Don’t hesitate to send more problems or feedback!

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I don’t understand how to use the custom goal and flag in game can you explain it for me?

If you mean to create flags and goals, I was planning on making a video tutorial for it. Here’s how to do that:

Go to the first location, type ‘/ctf create flag’.
Go to the second location, click on chat and press the up arrow and enter. Repeat those steps and do the same for the goals until you have made all you want. Then go to your Beamng user levels folder (usually %appdata%/BeamNG/latest/levels/). Navigate to the level name you created the flags on. In there should be all flags and goals i.e. flag1.prefab.json. Right now the only way to add those to the gamemode is to send them all in a zip file to my email; [email protected]. Be sure to include the level name in the mail and what you would like the area to be called and I will review and add it :slight_smile:

Had so much fun with this today! Better than Dirt 3, with real car damage, the fact that you can’t repair when you have the flag makes it so fun.

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excellent, really nicely done. except insane (2000) did it first, if i recall correctly. the ctf event was fun even with those soft body physics at the time. i played dirt 3 but i remember it for the actual rallying, never really bothered myself with special party modes. nevertheless, props to you and big ups

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I remember when I used to play Dirt 3 when I had my PS3. I did capture the flag and gymkhana quite a lot. Those Nostalgia memories…. :slightly_smiling_face:

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