Cars showing but not moving

I have been playing BeamNG for years, but only found out about MP recently. Awesome! Love it! well done!

I set up a server on my PC and have been playing flawlessly with two of my friends for the past few weeks. works perfectly.

A few days ago my son got a new PC for his birthday. We hurriedly installed BeamNG, BeamMP and direct connected to my PC’s IP (server) as instructed on here for a LAN game . The cars spawn and we can see each other, but we can’t see each other move. If either of us move and reset the car it spawns in that new position, but it is always stationary. Tried allowing beammp / ng through windows firewall, turning off part sink, the usual. Even tried ethernet tethering his PC with a wifi dongle to a mobile phone on 4g and both direct connecting and connecting to the server via public server list but it is always the same, we can see each other and spawn in different locations and with different vehicles, but we just can’t see each other move. I know the server and port forwarding are set up correctly as it still works fine with my friends. very frustrating!

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Free, so sorry for the delay in a response to this issue, when you connect to official BeamMP servers (or community servers) together are you able to see each other move?

Hi there.

Thank you for your response. We managed to sort it in the end. Turns out he managed to get an old version of the “multiplayer” file in the base game. Noticed this because when he was in multiplayer he didn’t have a multiplayer tab in the options menu. We replaced his multiplayer file in the base game with the file from my computer and it resolved the issue.

Thanks again for your response.

Oh, interesting, glad you got it sorted!