Cobalt Motorsports 200BX League Announcement & Round 1

Hello! I’m excited to announce something big today! The first large scale racing league in BeamMP! And who needs time to build hype, so short notice as usual, The league starts tommorow at 6:00PM EST (UTC-5) with the first round. Here’s all the information you may need. To take part, you must be in the Events General channel in the BeamMP discord at the time of the event, other than the requirement for discord, anyone can join, from all skill levels, only rules are to race clean, and don’t cheat. We do have an anti-cheat system, I will be able to tell if you edit parts on your car, and if you do, you will be disqualified.

For starters, Everything relating scoring, points and everything will be stored in this google sheets document here.

Please sign-up here!

As for the flier,
Flier for the event, all relevant information is in plain text below

Here it is in plain text just in case.

Cobalt Motorsports Gavril 200BX Driver’s Cup
BeamMP’s premier racing organization/organizer, Cobalt Motorsports, now presents our first official league, open to all. Taking place in our home track of Green Coast Circuit, this league, the first round of which taking part this Saturday (1/23/2021) is as close to sim racing as it gets in Beam, with tire wear, accelerated fuel usage and pitting.

Track: Green Coast Circuit
Time: 01/23/2021 6:00PM EST
Reward: Championship Pts.

Model: Ibishu 200BX
Trim: Type-LS
Set Config, Spec Parts.
You may NOT edit anything
this time around.

5 Minutes
Divided up into smaller groups based on performance in the last qualifiers
Q1 Seeded for convenience or by League pts.
q-points awarded = total drivers - position
Bonus q-point for fastest lap in group.
Bonus q-point for fastest lap of round.
Bonus q-point for fastest lap during quals

Tie breaker for Q1-3
5 Minutes
All tied are put into one group, w/ their “rival”
Final running order doesn’t matter, only if you finish ahead of your “rival” For each rival you
finish in front of you are awarded (1/number of rivals) of a q-point

Lower Mains:
12 Laps
Groups decided by final qualifying order.
Top of main gets promoted to the next main up, which intentionally has room built in for promotions.

16 Laps
Final race, results stacked for final positions

The Cobalt Motorsports 200BX League is going to be a 5 part racing league, each event consists of 3-4 rounds of qualifying and usually multiple Mains, which are stacked to get the actual finishing positions. The amount of points you are awarded is calculated by taking the total amount of drivers who started the race (nRS) and your finishing position (fPos) base points = nRS - fPos then, for podium, first place gets an extra 5 points, second gets an extra 3 points, and third gets an extra 1 point. Top 3 qualifiers also get points, top qualifier gets an extra 3.5 points, second gets 2.5, third gets 1.5. fastest lap of the event gets an extra 0.5 points

The first round will be hosted on:
6:00PM EST

Please sign-up here!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me on discord @Preston#3615 or comment here!

I’ve just added a google forms for signups, if you are participating, please sign-up here!

Count me in!

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This looks like some mad fun. I will do my best to be there around school work and family!

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Are y’all going to be doing anymore racing?