Community Decision Time | Light vs Dark mode!

Hey everyone.
So just a quick one. Would you like to see the option for both a light and a dark mode on the forum?
At the moment the site is set in dark mode but we would like to give you the option if there is demand for it.
Let us know which you prefer in the poll above.

@josh Me too hah!

Just need to finish up some things for school at the moment and then I will be trying to get that done to a version 1 :smiley:

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Sure thing Titch, yeah no definitely, it’s incredible the work you guys have already achieved. For the website I’m excited to see how the server dashboard (with monitoring) turns out as well. Kudos

@josh Time spent on this forum was very minimal since it is a forum software rather than built from scratch.
As for the mod we do spend a lot of time on it the trouble is right this moment that most of the developers are busy with finishing up school work to one degree or another.

Behind the scenes work is still being done especially around performance and other bug fixes for the time being.

I really like the sliding bar at the bottom of the screen on mobile. But I feel if it was a choice between effort spent on the design of the forums and the design of the mod, I’d rather choose the mod.

@neolights I agree but it is a little work for me to do due to this being a custom theme we are running so I will need to adjust it to be switchable.

Both would be cool