Connecting , Reconnecting loop. "offline error"

Hey so I looked through “before you ask” and the forums and I can’t find anything on this issue. I tried all of the solutions they gave to other similar problems but no luck. My BeamMP launcher goes into a weird loop of “game connected! - Game reconnecting…” and on the main screen in red letters it says “connection error! please rejoin the server.” I have disabled my firewall, uninstalled my antivirus, uninstalled and re-installed the game and launcher, tried launching as administrator, and no luck. any help or advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

@Jarz @spiritdragonman Please can you provide some information around your issues.

Any idea what may be causing this? I am experiencing the same.

hey it is not letting me in to the online servers how do i fix that

Yes, check that the UI elements have been added when in game. This normally solves the connection warning.

@titch any input? the launcher log just loops with “Game Connected” and “Game Reconnecting”

@Titch Whenever i join a server everyone is not moving and in the cmd it says reconecting and then game connected and it loops forever

I have the same issue. another detail I’ve noticed is that the players goes to 0/ whatever the max in that server is.

I fixed it you gotta go windows+r %appdata% press AppData in left top corner then Local,,
then 0,24 , mods , repo delete every mod in repo then back to mods go unpacked and delete every mod or folder in unpacked. Then launch the game and enjoy.